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The Kho Group Limited (TKG) is a privately owned investment holdings company based in Hong Kong. Coming from humble beginnings by two brothers in 2010, TKG began as a family operation, acquiring and merging a property development company under its subsidiary, paving the way for them to take the reins of the family’s businesses.
Ever since, TKG has grown into a global multi-faceted organization with a diverse portfolio of investments and a significant footprint in land & property development, natural resources, agriculture, hospitality, health products, lifestyle, technology, media and telecommunications.

Our Vision

To become the leading new generation conglomerate in Asia, and to institute future global presence.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best services and products that is built on innovation, sustainability, commitment and integrity, ensuring that we work together with our customers, stakeholders and employees to thrive as we succeed, while giving back to the community.

Our Core Values

Do the right thing even no one is looking. We hold ourselves to a high level of ethical standards. Honesty, transparency and trust are what we stand for, both for our employees and to our stakeholders.

We value our differences and empower others to express themselves in order to work together towards achieving our common goals.

We take ownership of our actions. We are true to our commitments.

We persistently push ourselves to be our best, always pursuing modern ways to navigate through adversities.

We strive to always act for the greater good of the organization.

We foster a shared belief where teamwork and cooperation are at the heart of thinking, planning and decision making.

We are passionate with our work and at the same time giving importance to our wellbeing.

Corporate Governance

Maintaining and instilling a consistent and high standard of corporate governance is a matter we take seriously as it plays an integral part of The Kho Group’s management team. This is to ensure its shareholders that we practice integrity, accountability, and transparency.

In order to achieve good corporate governance, The Kho Group has adapted and incorporated the Hong Kong Institute of Directors’ Guidelines on Corporate Governance for SMEs, which they regularly update to ensure its industry relevance.

Board of Senior Advisors

Anthony F. Neoh
Dominique de Villepin
Former Prime Minister of France


Kitson S. Kho
Founder & Executive Chairman
Luis Kho
Co-Founder & CEO
Francis S. Ngo
Vice President
Hector Wong
Vice President
Martin A. Cerantonio
Vice President
Eric Chan
Vice President
Mike Yung
Financial Controller
Real Estate
Natural Resources
Sports & Fitness
Lifestyle and Health Products

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